Welcome To My Website

It’s nice to have a little corner of the internet that’s all mine. So this is my home on the net. Feel free to look around. And please come back, as I’m more than likely to add new pages and features as the time goes by.



You may wonder why anyone bother to set up their own site, and framework, in these micro-blog dominated times.. (Facebook, twitter, instagram and so on.) Well.. I don’t have a remarkable and brilliant answer to that question. But maybe the most important motivation for me, is that I enjoy to experiment with cms-tools, frameworks and web-design in general. That’s probably also the reason why I’ve broken my site so many times. And therefore been «forced» to rebuild everything from ground-up, several times. But after all, at the end of the day, I enjoy building the framework, and getting everything to work as intended, a lot more than I enjoy filling the pages with actual content.


Altough I’m norwegian, I’ve chose to present my new website in english. This is because it became far to much work to maintain a dual language site.

But some of the old Blogg-entries will remain in norwegian.

And I have to say. This site is mainly designed to look good at real monitors, which means it will loose a lot of it’s layout finess on mobile phones.

This is me

I’m a man “in my best age”, who like to enjoy life, whatever life throws my way. I prefer to maintain a good spirit, and just continue to enjoy life.

My main interests are, as probably will be reflected by the rest of this site, Computer science, cooking, politics and out-door activities.

Youtube channel

I’ve also got a Youtube channel, that at present time, mainly contain videos of one of my most passionate interests Buekorps.

So feel free to take a look at it here: Youtube-Kanal


I’ve used Concrete5 as content managing system (cms) for a couple of years, but is now back to using WordPress. Concrete5 had more design-possibilities, but unfortunately it was also far less stable than WordPress. On top of that, WordPress is also a lot faster and responsive than Concrete5. But now, as I’ve switched web-hotel, I’m back with Concrete5. But then again, when I built this site, I switched back to WordPress. And I must add that WordPress has gone far in making the building prosess as intuitive and straight forward as it was with Concrete5. But with the advantages in stability and vast number of plugins as WordPress is famous for.

Please feel free to browse the other pages of my site. I will fill in more pages in time, whenever I feel inspired and/or get new ideas for content to fill new pges with.

Below here, you see a lithography from Sandviken. Which is a part of Bergen, where I grew up, the first 8 years of my life. (Although that was quite a few years later than the subject of this lithography.)


So, Who am I?

I grew up in Bergen, in western Norway. When I was 19 years old I moved to Bodø to study economy and computer science. And thereafter I moved to Konsvinger when I was 21, and since then I’ve been living in eastern Norway.

Rune Slettebakken

MY interests

My three most passionate interests are Buekorps (boys brigades), Linux and Gnosticism. I will fill both my blog and other parts of this site accourding to my interests. But pressumably also by other stuff that I feel like posting.


I also have a moderate interest of politics, even tough, if you’ve seen me on Facebook, it probably seems like politics is my entire life. -But hey.. Who posts everything about themselves on Facebook anyway?



An old painting of Bergen harbour

Recreation of Bergen in 1300AD



Here you will find the most recent post from my blog. 

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The monasteries of the Medieval Bergen.

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In this section you’ll find my projects. This is subjects where I dive a little deeper than what I do in my Blog.section.

Why Linux Matters: An In-Depth Look at Its Features, Flexibility, and Fanbase

Why Linux Matters: An In-Depth Look at Its Features, Flexibility, and Fanbase

“Why Linux Matters” delves into the operating system’s robust architecture and open-source ethos, highlighting its adaptability across various platforms. The book explores key features such as security, customization, and a vibrant community that drives innovation. It underscores Linux’s significant role in empowering users and developers to shape technology’s future, making it a cornerstone of modern computing.

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Enhancing Cybersecurity: Exploring the Benefits of Comprehensive Security Packages in 2024

Enhancing Cybersecurity: Exploring the Benefits of Comprehensive Security Packages in 2024

In 2024, comprehensive security packages are pivotal in enhancing cybersecurity. These packages integrate advanced AI, real-time threat detection, and automated response systems, offering robust protection against evolving cyber threats. By consolidating security measures, organizations can streamline their defenses, reduce vulnerabilities, and foster a safer digital environment, crucial for sustaining business integrity and consumer trust.

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Beyond Orthodoxy: The Gnostic Quest for Knowledge and Its Clash with Mainstream Christianity

Beyond Orthodoxy: The Gnostic Quest for Knowledge and Its Clash with Mainstream Christianity

In “Beyond Orthodoxy: The Gnostic Quest for Knowledge and Its Clash with Mainstream Christianity,” the author delves into the esoteric spiritual movements of Gnosticism, exploring their profound quest for hidden knowledge and the ensuing conflicts with established Christian doctrines. This book illuminates the rich, complex tapestry of early Christian thought and the enduring debates over divine truth.

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